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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy where you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ads. Despite sounding unconventional, it’s one of the most effective methods to ensure prospective buyers visit your site. Unlike organic search results that take time to build and reach the top, PPC ads typically appear at the top or alongside regular search results, labeled as “sponsored” or “featured.”

Each click on your PPC ad is essentially purchased, bringing a new lead to your site. Your position in the sponsored results is determined by the amount you’re willing to pay for the searched keyword or phrase. As a certified Google partner, Web Designer Express is prepared to assist you in launching your PPC campaign.

When should We use PPC?

As you can imagine, this type of advertising offers significant advantages over standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While SEO efforts can take months to yield results, implementing PPC is relatively straightforward and provides quick outcomes. With PPC, your business, products, and services are assured exposure to new potential customers. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust your budget on a daily basis or at any given time, allowing you to set daily spending limits according to your preferences.

Are there any negatives to Pay Per Click?

There are drawbacks to relying solely on this type of advertisement. Increasing your bid can lower the positions of other firms, leading them to raise their click value to regain ranking. Consequently, these campaigns can become excessively costly, especially considering the aggressiveness and competitiveness of the parties involved. Therefore, constant monitoring is advisable. Furthermore, many users have become adept at recognizing PPC ads and actively avoid clicking on them.

The effectiveness of your landing page (the page displayed to your customers after they click on your ad) also plays a significant role in your position compared to other PPC users. It’s not uncommon for someone paying less money to appear higher than certain competitors, based on the quality of their landing page and how effectively their keywords are integrated. Therefore, designing a landing page tailored to your PPC campaign is essential for success.

How does a Pay Per Click campaign work?

A PPC campaign typically begins with a market analysis to identify the most frequently used search terms relevant to your advertising objectives. Using this information, we establish an initial budget and daily spending limit for the campaign. Additionally, you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously, each targeting different keywords, to gain a deeper understanding of user search behavior.

Effective keyword research is essential for a successful PPC campaign. Unlike traditional SEO, PPC allows for virtually unlimited use of keywords or key phrases, with no additional cost for adding them. This flexibility simplifies the keyword selection process, as there’s no predetermined limit to the number of keywords to be utilized on the site.

An experienced PPC strategist can create a well-optimized campaign without exceeding your budget. While some keywords may be highly competitive, there are many others that can drive traffic to your site without intense competition. The success of your campaign ultimately depends on the expertise and knowledge of the company managing it.

Managing, Monitoring and Analyzing

Given that positions can fluctuate daily, continuous monitoring is essential for an effective Pay Per Click campaign. With the top 3 positions on Overture or Google AdWords typically displayed in most searches, competition for these spots can be intense, often leading to bidding wars. In addition to tracking position rankings, it’s vital to analyze the effectiveness and relevance of each keyword and phrase on a monthly basis.

We utilize this data to optimize your PPC campaign, driving more traffic per keyword. If you’re still uncertain about whether PPC is suitable for your needs, reach out to us today, and one of our Pay Per Click advertising specialists in Abingdon, Virginia, will be happy to address all your inquiries.

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